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Here I am a year after my first post. A long and fruitful journey through photography. Some interesting professional projects and a publication in a book coming in the spring 2018 in New York are some of the fruits of this journey of discovery.

Hereunder playing with light at the Caixa Forum building by Swiss Architects Herzog & De Meuron, Madrid

This is part of my 365 challenge – taking and publishing a picture a day during a year, mostly about architectura spaces but not only. For more details, check: www.carolinanegel.com/blog365

Una año muy productivo después de mi primer post. Algunos encargos profesionales interesantes y una fotografía que será publicada en un libro que saldrá a la venta en primavera de 2018 en Nueva York.

La fotografía del post es parte de mi Reto 365: sacar una foto al día y publicarla. Fecha de inicio: 13 de julio de 2017. Esta es la imagen 69 del 19 de Septiembre. Puedes ver mi reto en: www.carolinanegel.com/blog 365

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A journey starts with only one step

First step: London. After two general photography courses in Geneva, with very motivating teachers Laurent Egli and Pascal Volery, I was searching for a specific « Architectural Photography Course » to get things right for leaving the amateur category and start the journey into the pro area. Very few institutions offer specialized training in this field outside of the lengthy and costly  Master programmes. I finally found an intensive course that suited me in London, at the London College of Communication, taught by well established architectural photographers  NAARO.

The course just finished some days ago and besides  the technical and conceptual knowledge, it has provided me with intensive practice and, above all, big motivation. A long way and lot of work ahead. I will talk more in detail about the big names in Architectural Photography as well as different aspects of this area of photography, and how I go on my journey from amateur to professional.  This blog is also part of the journey. Your comments or questions are most welcomed.

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